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647. Tagliatele la testa!

18 Ott

RUFIO. Why, Cleopatra had a tigress that killed men at her bidding. I thought she might bid it kill you some day. Well, had I not been Caesar’s pupil, what pious things might I not have done to that tigress! I might have punished it. I might have revenged Pothinus on it.

CAESAR [interjects] Pothinus!

RUFIO [continuing] I might have judged it. But I put all these follies behind me; and, without malice, only cut its throat. And that is why Cleopatra comes to you in mourning.

CLEOPATRA [vehemently] He has shed the blood of my servant Ftatateeta. On your head be it as upon his, Caesar, if you hold him free of it.

CAESAR [energetically] On my head be it, then; for it was well done. Rufio: had you set yourself in the seat of the judge, and with hateful ceremonies and appeals to the gods handed that woman over to some hired executioner to be slain before the people in the name of justice, never again would I have touched your hand without a shudder. But this was natural slaying: I feel no horror at it.

George Bernard Shaw, Caesar and Cleopatra, Act V.

Pare che abbia perso un amico su facebook. Si tratta di Daniele Ventre, che non conosco personalmente (come il 99,9 periodico % delle persone che hanno graziosamente accettato la mia amicizia su fb). Daniele Ventre è un insegnante di lettere classiche in un liceo, ha tradotto in un esametro di sua invenzione i due poemi omerici, ha molta dottrina, ed ha una visione politicamente impegnata sia della società sia della sua missione all’interno della scuola. Continua a leggere